Choosing the right material or production process is difficult.

Furthermore there are usually multiple ways of achieving the same visual result, often with significant cost implications.

We offer a pre-production consultancy that aims to answer these questions early in the design stage. Our aim is simple- implement a visual or functional goal for the minimum cost. By making design decisions grounded in the realities of production, you are able to avoid unnecessary expense and delays further down the line.

In addition, some projects have elements that are untested or highly complex for which it is impossible to get reliable quotes. We offer an R&D service that produces a thorough viability report on a required process or design. By offering samples, working prototypes and detailed cost analysis, we enable you to decide if a design direction is worth pursuing before instigating the costly exercise of production.

Our consultancy services include attendance of meetings, site visits, R&D and are always backed up with tangible elements such as detailed reports, cost analysis and samples.